Acitive Dogzz

Is a dog walking and dog training company based in Ventura, Ca. Serving (Ventura, Oxnard, Carpinteria and Ojai.  We provide obedience training and boot camp style dog walks to help local dog owners raise well balanced companions.

Val, the founder of the company is passionate about seeing more dogs having the life they were born to live. 

The two things that will shape your relationship with a dog is the proper training and exercise. The dog with a pant up energy is going to be a lot harder to train, and it is crucial to have an obedient, well socialized dog when you take them out to exercise. 

Bringing a brand new puppy home is like having a clean canvas. (that doesn`t exactly apply for puppy mills) You can paint anything on it, that is when positive, reward based training will come handy. You will need to start right a way. Dog training is a lot more complex that sit, down, stay. To help your dog understand you, you will need to learn the communication of body language and reading your dogs body language.

Val strongly believes, that for training to be effective, owners commitment to it must be a 100%. We can train your dog for you, but you will need to get trained as well, to avoid setbacks and returning of bad habits. 

Getting a dog from the shelter is probably the most rewarding thing you will ever do. Not only you are saving a life, but a shelter dog most likely will require a lot more effort, training and patience. If you have adopted a dog with poor social skills, fears, etc. The training might take few years, and it is not guaranteed for problems to go away completely. But how rewarding this can be, to take on a dog and turn him around!

Val caters her training sessions to each client separately. Check out our training packages. Call or text us for free consultation.





Is Active Dogzz - doggie boot camp right for your pet? 

- Your dog is one of the following active breeds: Labrador, German Shepherd, Australian Shepherd, Husky, Vissla, Dalmatian, Russel Terrier, Golden Retriever, Border Collie, Boxer, English Springier Spaniel, Poodle, Doodle, Boston Terrier the list goes on

- Your dog shows signs of separation anxiety or depression. Certain dogs require a lot more than a half hour around the block stroll. Most dogs do, but some dogs will actually become destructive in the house. 

- Is your dog  too hyper?

- Is your dog getting chunky?

If you answered yes to any of these please contact us for free consultation and evaluation walk. We will meet and discuss your dogs needs.

Why Active Dogzz when I can board my dog?

In the kennel dogs get to socialize with each other and a good play, however, more often than not, when left to their own devices, they pick up bad habits. Active dog breeds do not get enough exercise just by playing with each other.