The Only Puppy Training Course You Will Need To Raise An Amazing Dog!

Stellar Companion Puppy Training Course
Stellar Companion Puppy Training Course

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Stellar Companion Puppy Training Course

  • fear and reactivity
  • separation anxiety
  • barking non stop
  • barking non stop
  • barking non stop
  • barking non stop

Positive Reinforcement Training

  • Introduction to positive reinforcement techniques
  • The power of rewards and treats
  • Building trust and communication

About This Item

Puppy Essentials

Understanding your puppy's needs, Setting up a comfortable and safe space

Here for You. Always


Basic Commands

Teaching essential commands like sit, stay, and come, Proper leash training and walking etiquette

Advanced Commands

Distraction training and maintaining focus, Troubleshooting challenges in command execution

Problem Solving

Understanding the root causes of behavioral issues, Implementing effective solutions

Problem Solving

Understanding the root causes of behavioral issues, Implementing effective solutions


You will learn

  • How to potty train your puppy fast and fail proof.
  • How to crate train
  • How to deal with common puppy issues like jumping, nipping, chewing and many more
  • How to propertly communicate to your puppy in the way dogs understand
  • Basic obedience commands: sit-stay, down-stay, place-stay, come, touch, leave it, focus, heel, loose leash walk, and few fun ones...

Course Format

  • Video lectures
  • Written guides and resources
  • Interactive quizzes and assignments
  • Live Q&A sessions

What our customers say

When we got our dog Briggs at nine months old, we were assured that he could walk on a leash, sit, stay, and would come back when commanded. But the reality was completely different. Gone was my dream of a dog who I could take to the beach and safely let off a leash because he had no training. He was timid with other dogs, was a counter cruiser, struggled on a leash, and could not be trusted off a leash. With the help of Val, and her wonderful training, we now have a confident dog that walks well on a leash; including my 73-year-old mom being able to safely walk him and he has amazing recall. We get compliments daily on what a polite and well-trained dog he is. And that is all due to Val’s dog training. Also, he adores Val!

Britta D

Amazing training results

Little Mishka is my third corgi puppy that I've had the pleasure of raising. Corgis truly possess distinct personalities – sometimes, it feels like a bit too much! I've encountered challenges with my adult corgis and sought help from numerous trainers, but none were able to assist effectively. Fortunately, I stumbled upon Val and her training program, which has proven to be both straightforward and impactful. Val imparts insights that I hadn't come across with previous trainers, presenting information in an easily understandable manner. I highly recommend this course! Thanks to it, my puppy is developing into an exceptional dog, and I'm thoroughly enjoying the process.

Yuliya Para

Amazing results!

As a new dog owner the Stellar Companion Puppy Training Course was invaluable in raising my Shepherd- Akita mix Frankie. I didn’t think I needed training at first but the course taught me so much! It showed me how important it is to implement structure and boundaries in the first months of having a puppy. I especially liked the Leash Manners section and was so impressed how Frankie actually wanted to learn the techniques. It was a great bonding tool and I truly have a stellar companion now thanks to this course. I recommend it highly!

Alan B.

Dogs need structure! This course
is amazing!

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