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 1.Stellar Companion- puppy training 

Unlock canine excellence: Your Ultimate Puppy Training Solution!

Have you tried puppy classes before and was left with more questions than answers?

Other Puppy Training Classes

Dog training is so much more than just teaching your dog basic commands! Commands make only about 35% of the training. Raising a dog requires work and involvement. Most puppy training courses are designed to teach your puppy basic commands leaving out the real life challenges every new dog owner faces. Our comprehensive puppy training course will leave no gaps! 

Our Puppy Training Course:

  • You will get 5 months long access to our comprehensive video course 

  •  What you need to have a successful start with your puppy

  •  Crate training and potty training

  •   Installing the impulse control (the lock of which is responsible for most of unwanted behaviors)

  •  How to communicate with your dog without confusion

  •  How to socialize your puppy safely and fully

  •  How to prevent unwanted behaviors and deal with them when they happen

  •  How to be the most exciting person for your dog and grow engagement

  • How to build trust and respect with your dog

  • Basic obedience commands including polite leash manners 

  • Printable pdf with the detailed summary of the course and schedule for the potty training

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