Private Dog Training

Private Dog Training

Val provides a stress-free and enjoyable dog training process for both you and your furry friend. We provide balanced dog training services in Ventura County, including Ojai and Carpinteria. Val is an experienced behavior specialist who believes in a tailored and balanced training approach that meets the specific needs of your dog.

By starting obedience training the day you bring your new puppy or dog home, you can prevent many behavioral issues and develop a strong bond with your furry companion. At Active Dogzz, we go beyond basic training. We empower you to become a confident trainer for your dog by offering comprehensive assistance and guidance throughout the entire process. Our dedicated dog training coach, Val, sets achievable goals, creates actionable plans, and provides regular accountability checks to ensure your success.

If you're searching for a stress-free and effective dog obedience training experience in Ventura County, Ojai, or Carpinteria, look no further than Active Dogzz. Let us help you provide the best life possible for your beloved pet. Contact us today to schedule your first training session!

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Training Rates:

Please note that travel fees will apply for areas outside of Ventura, including Far East Ventura, Oxnard, Ojai, Simi Valley, Port Hueneme, Thousand Oaks, and Santa Barbara.

  1. Initial Evaluation Session (90 min) - $200 The initial session will take place at your home.

Session structure and inclusions:

  • Val will assess your dog, evaluate your handling skills and habits. This is crucial to determine the root causes of any existing issues or prevent problems as your puppy grows older. Val will identify key areas to focus on immediately and provide guidance for the training direction.

  • Follow-up email with a detailed session recap, homework assignments, and an outline of future training.

  • Follow-up phone call (10-15 min) to discuss progress, challenges, and recommended adjustments.

  1. Single Regular Training Session (60 min) - $125 One-hour sessions are typically scheduled one to two weeks apart or as needed, with the entire session dedicated to training.


  • Follow-up email with session recap and homework assignments.

  • Follow-up phone call (10-15 min) to discuss progress and address challenges.

Training Packages:

For dogs requiring more than a few sessions, our training packages offer great value. Please note that package prices must be paid in full before or at the beginning of training after the initial session. Packages are valid for three months from the date of purchase and do not include the initial evaluation session. This rule ensures accountability throughout the training journey, providing the attention your dog needs. Cancellations with less than 48 hours  notice will be considered a full session (session lost).

  1. "3 Pack" - Three 60 min Sessions for $340 (Save $35) This package is ideal for dogs that have some prior training or for individuals with previous experience in dog training. The sessions are packed with valuable information and tools to achieve your dog's training goals. Sessions are scheduled 1-2 weeks apart to allow for progress. Each session is followed up with an email and a phone call to provide continued support.

  2. "5 Pack" - Five 60 min Sessions for $550 (Save $75) Perfect for puppies or dogs with no previous training experience, this package covers instilling good behaviors, socialization, proper handling techniques, and understanding your dog's body language. Training sessions are scheduled 1-2 weeks apart and include follow-up emails and phone calls. Each session lasts 60 minutes. Once you are finished with the package you will be able to attend 2 group leash manners classes for free.

  3. Intensive Dog Training Program - Twelve Sessions (60 min each) for $1250 (Save $250).  Designed for busy dog owners, this four-week program includes three training sessions per week. Val will focus on teaching basic obedience, leash manners, dog socialization, and behavior modification.

This package is ideal for dogs who have developed behavior issues like:

-recourse guarding





Just like people, no two dogs are the same, and they learn at different speeds. Please note that even with a four-week intensive program, you will need to put in effort to ensure newly learned behaviors become second nature while unwanted behaviors fade away.

If your dog requires further training after completing the program, we offer a sliding scale discount. Subsequent sessions will be priced at $70 per 60-minute session plus you will be able to attend 3 leash manners group classes at no cost.

We understand that every dog deserves personalized attention. Contact Active Dogzz today to schedule your dog's training sessions and provide them with the best care they deserve.

For a complimentary consultation, call/text us now at (805) 248-1351 or email to:

(Note: Rates and services are subject to change. Please contact us for the most up-to-date information.)